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About Us


Pro Terra Foundation's goal is to produce programs which contribute to the development of the personality, through creative activities that highlight the ego.

We organize everyday creative activities that bring fulfillment and have a positive impact on personality development, so we strive ]o create the conditions necessary for discovering the pleasure of artistic creation,as early as possible,in the lives of children and teenagers. Our activities cover several domains, currently including art, crafts, environmental protection, health education and self knowledge.


Our long-term projects:

Comprehensive discovery of creative activities. An introduction to and training on various arts and crafts. Creation of eco-design programs to protect the environment and provide health education, loading to the development of ecological thinking, which in turn seeds change it life style, and stimulates people to become active in these fields.


Discovery and nurturing of people gifted in arts and crafts. Team-building. Self-knowledge techniques, introduction to games, preparing a realistic self-image, the experience of the beneficial effects of group activities. Learning about our culture and preservation of our traditions.


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Our foundation's activity covers five main fields:

  • Creative activity: during the year in workshops and in summer creative camps.
  • Exhibitions, applications, advertising and competition organization.
  • Personality development, community-building through experimental educational programs.
  • Discovery and nurturing of people gifted in arts and crafts.
  • Organization of life style improvement programs addressing environmental protection, eco-design and health education, achieved through trips, suggestions and information.

Short description of our results until now:

(principal activities)

  • Our foundation has been playing an active part in the cultural life of the Gheorgheni area since 2011. In 2013 we participated under the name EX LIBRIS IN AN INTERNATIONAL FINE ARTS COMPETITION, in which over one hundred participants from in-country and abroad took part. We received I, II, III awards for two categories of artists: children and adults; we also framed and exhibited the best thirty art creations. Details and photos here.
  • Since 2012, every summer, we organize the COMMUNITY BUILDING CRAFT SUMMER CAMP, an event that is awaited with enthusiasm each time. Every year, artists from abroad attend the camp too, which brings diversity to the program of these artistic meetings. Our main purpose is to encourage participants to love art and craft creation, and to share their work techniques. Details and photos here.
  • We have organized three times, in 2013, 2014 and 2015 educational team-building programs for children and teenagers as part of the ADVENTURE EFFECT INTEGRATED METHODS FOR PUPILS. The main purposes of these programs are team-building, experience-sharing and seeding self-knowledge. Details and photos here.
  • Since 2012, we have been organizing environmental protection and health education programs. Seeing the interest that adults and children showed for the programs, we decided to run regularly activities around the subjects. The ECO-DESIGN program is composed of several smaller sub-programs during which participants learn how to create decorative accessories from waste materials, make modern textiles for home decoration from old cloths, and moke scarves from wool. Details and photos here.
  • In 2015, we organized the artistic, IRONIC/SATIRE PROGRAM CALLED CONSUMER SOCIETY VERSUS HAPPINESS, for which we invited young artists. The participants described Szekler consumer society and expressed their opinion about it in animated GIF graphic files. Details and photos here.